Variable Verification Authentication

Every time the code is different, you can copy of them, but all of them will be expired in minutes.
General NFC tags are relatively easy to replicate, so many laboratories had discovered reverse engineering techniques to extract data from passive NFC tags, which makes those tags vulnerable. To solve this problem, our company, UserStar, developed a variable method in order to avoid being replicated. We employed an active variable method that changes its encryption code every time other devices attempted to access the tags, which ensures the tag are unable to be replicated.

Standard RFID label with chip

We can special design any type of anti-counterfeiting package, for example, cap seal, sticker, card, tag and waterproof button.

Following is our popular sticker version, which is made by tamper-proof paper.


20140919RFID Tag-print [轉換].png

RFID Spec:ISO 15693, 13.56MHz, HF

Unpacking Detection:If the package is unpacked, the pass page will show the package status.

RFID Chip:UserStar 2nd generation RFID chip

Request a customzied design

How it works


  1. Tap the NFC tag to interrogate the verification code
  2. To transmit the dynamic verification code which changed each time it’s read, and the verification code will be expired in few seconds,
  3. To transmit object’s ID, verification code(Code A) and event-based data back to brand’s decode server through global verification server.
  4. The brand’s decode center encrypts ID-based and event-based data to generate another verification code(Code B).
  5. To compare Code A and B will lead to the authentication result.