We have developed a cloud platform and web-based management system, PhoneKey, to manage product pass page.


Product Pass Page


Our PhoneKey anti-counterfeiting & brand protection kit has included:

  • Encryption cipher embedded RFID chip
  • Web-based production integration software & decode server(for PC only)
  • Real-time Product Pass Page editor
  • A data analyzer to analyse the location information through consumers scan
  • Document support for the API(Application Programming Interface), which allows company to build their own App UI.


Online Shopping Authentication

While a product has been labeled with PhoneKey anti-counterfeiting chip,
it will make the product can be integrated with online shopping platform.

A. If the seller activated online verification in advance, consumers can verify the item by a simple click.

B. At this moment, the seller will receive a request from the mobile phone,  after seller finished the request, the code would send back to consumers. Once consumers receive a code, they can proceed the verification process.

C. After the verification, consumers will then confirm the authenticity of items.

Second-hand resale
Guarantee card or certificate can not ensure the product’s authenticity, with our solution can ensure the product’s authenticity, and also can display the owner history.

Channel Conflict & Grey Market

Channel conflict occurs when manufacturers (brands) disintermediate their channel partners, such as distributors, retailers, dealers, and sales representatives, by selling their products directly to consumers through general marketing methods and/or over the Internet.

Manufacturers can use RFID’s sequence number to monitor each distributor’s retail price, stocks and market share including the online sale.

A grey market (sometimes called a parallel market,[1] but this can also mean other things;[2] not to be confused with a black market or a grey economy) is the trade of a commodity through distribution channels that are legal but unintended by the original manufacturer. The most common type of grey market is the sale, by individuals or small companies not authorised by the manufacturer, of imported goods which would otherwise be either more expensive or unavailable in the country to which they are being imported.

The distribution channel pays a lot of capital on product promotion, but sometimes, there are few individuals take the advantage of the distribution channel’s effort, selling lower retail price to consumers. This will decrease the brand’s value and outflow the distribution channels. This is what grey market might erode manufacturer’s profit.

Each time, when the consumer scans the RFID with their mobile phone, the backend database can receive the location information. The web-based editor can generate grey market detection report automatically.


Ensures devices use genuine supplies

In order to make the printer to identify the genuine supplies, we needed to set up “PHONEKEY RFID decoder module” and “supply security identification system” in the printer. Checking through the security verification code which comes from the RFID decoder module by reading the “PHONEKEY RFID security tags” on supplies to confirm the authenticity of supplies.
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