Why our solution?

In contrast to the other anti-counterfeiting solutions, we provide every consumer a fast and easy way to check the goods’ authentic, there is no need to use additional equipment or device, only the NFC-enabled mobile phone, which can verify any product which is labeled with UserStar’s RFID anti-counterfeiting solution.

The ordinary RFID tag has only one identifier number(UID) like everyone has its ID number. It is possible to fake the ordinary RFID with a blank tag because these UIDs do not have any protection.

Not even to mention the QR code, everyone can copy the QR code with their printers. Or some other visual solutions, eg. laser sticker, but it is actually useless because human eyes are not so reliable.
The other ineffectual anti-counterfeiting solution


Self-Designed RFID NFC chip
Our RFID NFC chip is designed by ourselves to meet the anti-counterfeiting purpose. Learn more about our NFC chip spec.

Enhanced Encryption
We develop an encryption cipher to generate the variable verification code. Learn more about our security.

Unpacking Detection
If the package was unpacked, the pass page will indicate the change from sealed to opened. Learn more about the pass page status.

What’s the benefit of UserStar RFID?

  1. The consumer can verify the genuine of product quickly and simply.
  2. Our NFC tag is protected by our patented encryption method, which makes it difficult to duplicate.
  3. Integrating cloud service, the brand owner can place advertisement and information in the Pass Page.
  4. The internet transaction can be verified, the buyer can ask the seller to do instant product verification on the online shopping platform, which has integrated our technology.
  5. The consumable merchandise can be verified after package opened, and the Pass Page will notify the user the package is opened.
  6. The collectible merchandise can provide functions to allow the owner register and claim for the lost.

Additional feature based on the Internet of Things

  1. Solve the channel conflict problem, every distributor can discover whether another distributor has invaded their assigned sales region. For example, each time the consumer verify products, it will return an IP address back to manufacturer’s database, if a large number shoes reveal in a strange location , there will be a gray market.
  2. Provide precisely marketing content to selected target audience.
  3. Provide direct promotion links.
  4. Purify the sales channel, because the counterfeiter does not dare to sell fake products, and then reduce the manufacturer lost.

Who can use our RFID?

  • Liquor, Kaoliang, wine
  • Oolong tea, black tea
  • Medicine, pills, cosmetics, perfumes
  • Artworks
  • Apparel, footwears
  • Certificates, tickets
  • etc…

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We apply the UserStar RFID label on our artworks, it is pretty good!


Our liquor will be the first wave of epoch-making products to enter the mobile phone security age

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We have solved our counterfeit problem, we recommend every tea maker must adopt UserStar’s solution to improve the marketing ability.

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New NFC Solution Prevents Counterfeit Liquor in Taiwan

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